Largest thumb drive for 3700s? Also is there a way to link hard drives; and more questions

1 Largest thumb drive for 3700s? 8 16gb SanDisk sticks just isnt working anymore., I tried using the serato DJ with a Roland product and just can’t get down that way.

Also is there a way to link hard drives? Say, 1 50gb hard drive and then run the D-link with no bugs or issues?

Also, is there anything I should be looking for (spec wise) with these flash drives? I know times have changed, what about read/write speed? And especially if im getting a portable.

Also, everything should be FAT32 still right?

Sorry ive been out of the scene so long and i know things change. ]

THANK you so much in advance this is so important to me

I can reply to bump, but have no experience in the 3700.

Got a pair today and need these answers too.

You’ve read the manual, right?

yes, it only mentions external hard drives up to 50 000 files. I use Music Manager which works fine with thumb drives. i read both music manager and 3700 owners manual multiple times, used google, looked into the service manual and scrolled through this forum. cant find a number.

Fat32 has a drive size limit of 2TB and file size limit of 4GB. If your drive is formatted NTFS, the 3700 only sees it as read only.

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Be aware of the other restrictions too. Music manager, I recall, creates 50 folders to put its music files into. The maximum number of files per folder was 1000 per folder, you couldn’t just have one folder with 50,000 files in it.

I recall there were limits on how many tracks in a each playlist too, so be careful if you like creating playlists with thousands of files in each

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From my memory, you cannot use 1 hard drive on two units: ethernet link is just for sharing MEMO data, not files between the units.

In this day and age, I would probably use them as controllers for software and not in standalone (due to limited file format support, super small screen and issues using DMM software in 2022 to update the media used with them). Thanks to one of the members, there is a decent Traktor 3 map on DJTT that enables you to use spinning platter in hybrid midi mode and have buttons mapped for hotcues, filter,…etc and I believe it is still natively supported in VDJ (spinning platter + buttons can be mapped/remapped).

Audio interfaces in them don’t have updated 64bit ASIO drivers for windows 10/11 but using a third-party one (like ASIO4ALL) it should work even on a new win laptop. If you have a mac you will need a separate audio interface.

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I use an external soundcard, Focusrite Scarlet 8i6 1st gen and an external, completely analogue mixer. As long as the decks connect to the pc I should be fine, it is the mapping that will kill me. Im going to use Mixxx, its free and I found some maps on github. It looks like I will be doing homework the next days to figure it all out. Or pay for a VDJ license for home use, if theres no way around it.

I found out about fat32 minutes before coming back here, but I didnt know about the 4GB limit and such.

I read about the filing system but didnt know what it exactly it means. Im not native to english so that slows me down a bit.

thanks for the replies!

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