Laptop sound to EQ knobs?


I’m using my MC7000 these days as a home hobbyist. Use the MC7000 as output from my MacBook to play youtube music/spotify and such as background tunes. The sound levels are shown on the main channel, but is there any way to have it on a channel that I can control with the equalizer knobs (hi,mid,low) when playing sound this way? The input is thru the main USB.


Hi, May be try using the soundcard integrated into the Mac Book computer instead the mc7000 soundcard as title says: You must connect a “malemini jack-rca male” cable from headphones output of the mac book to one input channel free on the Denon MC7000. And change the switch of the channel to the correct LINE position in controller too.


That would have likely worked. I ended up using a USB DAC to output signal into a free line-in channel.