Language barrier

I need a full-fledged search engine not only in English, but also in other languages, or the ability to download the language I need from the site. He’s useless at the moment. I am the lucky owner Denon Prime 4 but I can’t use it without a computer. Make a multilingual search, then there will be no price for the entire Prime line. Thank you for your attention.


What language do you speak or prefer? Does Pioneer DJ or any other manufacturers offer their equipment with language options?

At the moment I have Denon prime 4, I hope that in the future it will be possible to search for material (tracks)in any language, as well as editing tags, I had a Tractor MK 3, but this is a controller without a computer, it cannot do without a Denon of the Prime line is declared as a product that does not need a computer, I have not yet met any DJ equipment product in which you can install a hard disk, why not go further. I have not worked with Pioneer (controller) they need a computer and there are no problems with languages, I hope you will understand me

I do not consider it necessary to completely change the language interface.I only need to find a song in my native language to edit the tag in my native language. Can you imagine how users around the world will appreciate

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Feature Request material!! i would vote it

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Sounds like two things would be needed:

  • UTF-8 support on filenames and tags;
  • Keyboard layout for different languages

Of course internally there would need to be already support for UTF-8 in the DB and code.

Can anyone confirm UTF-8 support is already baked in?

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UTF-8 should be supported from sqlite out of the box.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 08.20.38

Ok, did not realize they actually use SQLite. Cool.

What I meant was not if the DB itself support it, but rather if the various fields Denon setup for the tables that hold filenames and tags namely, are set to UTF-8. As you know, when designing database tables, you set the type of each field.

And then again, it does not mean code all throughout Engine is setup to be UTF-8. All it takes is one single variable holding a DB field temporarily to be a non UTF-8 string and you got an issue.


I think as soon as a song with an emoji in the file name was successfully imported from Engine DJ, this will confirm that the database fields are setup to handle UTF-8. I can also confirm your concerns, searching with emoji’s don’t work :slight_smile:

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Emoji support is actually quite handy. I own no Prime gear yet, so I hadn’t been aware. In my case, not for the track files themselves, but for my library/playlists. In Serato I marked them with specific emoji icons, like :red_circle: or :large_blue_diamond:. So I hope they get imported correctly, or that I can re-add them manually at least.

As for the feature request, I am neutral about that. English is the major world language and especially common in music and technical areas. There is no need to translate the GUI into every ‘niche’ language. For search or file-names, dunno, I am not expert when it comes to non-latin letters and how these can be implemented (if at all).

OT/general, I would wish that people stop dropping posts in French, Italian, etc… randomly in the forum, as its quite rude. I am not a native speaker either, but either I practise a bit, or I use an online translator like DeepL, so the majority can understand what I want to tell, rather than all the people having to do the translation themselves.

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The only question is how the emoji’s will end up on the hardware. As you said it’s a killer feature since it can be used for no matter what (energy of a song).

We only need it working in the search as well.

I don’t understand why why do I need this garbage is in the form of emojis. And yes, I understand that English is the main language. I want the ability to search and edit the titles/titles of songs on Denon Prime 4 in at least two languages of my native language, and in English everything. Emoticons and emojis are completely unnecessary.

If the Engine DJ database is able to store emoji’s it means that its able to handle any kind of letter as well (this is what you where requesting). Also we know that search is currently not supporting any kind of special characters or non ASCII character.


Not obligatory

I want to add, taking into account all aspects of professionalism, Denon DJ has a limp, faders fly out, there are backlashes on the positioners, the search engine is only in English (it’s like the Chinese released Tetris only in Chinese, roughly speaking) The software is weak with all the modifications. The listening of the track (behind the scenes) disappears, and this is just the beginning. Tech support probably does not have time to respond to complaints from users. What is professionalism is when during a game at a club you don’t think that you will have problems with Denon and he won’t let you down in practice it’s not so

Well, what is that?

Software is not perfect, but definitely works. What modifications? Official software has no mods…

You must be very hard with Your mixer. This never happened to me on any gear in past 16 years. Not with denon, not with any other company as well.

Preview depends on the fader position. It will not be active for the track that fader is up → manual…

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Oh no :frowning:

The hardware feels great and robust.

For software there is definitely room for improvements (features) but it’s stable and does what it says. If you consider how frequent and which new features are added I would rate it as great.