Laidback Luke - Talks about the new Prime Series

…and his reasons for being one of the first #ChangeYourRider top DJs

I love the way the individual channel LED meters handle Peak Hold fall away when the track is stopped. See what I mean at 3 mins 10 seconds - Gotta get me one of those mixers soooooon.

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That is pretty slick.

It’s funny - I loved the players from the moment I saw them, but at first I wasn’t very fond of the new mixer. It just didn’t click with me. But the more I see of it, and the more I see it in use I’m starting to really, really like it. And it just seems incredibly well thought out. I can’t wait to see one in person.

I love how the individual channel meter LED’s are segmented, they have an 1db only separation around the 0db. That way, even the today’s compressed electronic music has a dynamic metering.

Unfortunately, that’s the only thing I like regarding the X1800. It uses smaller EQ knobs (then the X1600/1700), lacks the matrix input and has a 2-band only eq for mics. Lacks a non-contact crossfader and FX freq kill buttons compared to the competition. A 2xUSB hub would give it an edge considering how macs have limited usb ports yet it was not included.

Yes, I’ve commented on another thread how much I like the LED meters also. Plus, you can never be accused of going into the red … as there is no red :innocent:

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Here’s the latest video from Luke as we go ‘into his mind’, at his first full weekend’s gigs, on the Prime Series gear!