Label is not being read for certain file formats. ALAC M4A

So I think I have worked it out, the label tags are only read for MP3 files. Is there a reason @DenonDJ-Australia @DenonDJ_Support_DE why Prime does not read the tags of ALAC or MP4/AAC files? I am tagging those files with that information using Yate, I can load them back into Yate and see that the Tags are still there and had saved with the file. When I bring them into Engine Prime and analyse the tracks the label is not shown. 80% of my music is in these formats, this is a massive problem from an organisation perspective. I could provide a file for analysis if needed?

Hi @custa1200,

I think you may want to decide to make a bug report or a feature request. Use the template provided.

Otherwise this topic will get lost between all the others, as devs only check bug reports and sometimes the feature requests.

A product owner who is worth the salary should be looking at these forums, If it is developers that are prioritising what the issues are or what to fix, then Denon have a rubbish product development process and it will be doomed. Developers should never be prioritising work work.

I just gave a free advice. Do what ever you like with it.

So you’re just guessing then.

There’s a lot of that about

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