Kinta HP "Color mixing mode" ?

I see there is a profile in Soundswitch for the “Kinta HP” and it says “Color mixing mode”, but when I choose this profile for my light, my Kinta HP won’t do anything at all. Do I have to change some setting on the Kinta HP? Is this still a work in progress? The regular Kinta HP profile only uses the RGBW LED for selecting colors, and the C, M, and Y colors are only available as cues - and the O (Ornage) is not available at all. I thought maybe the “color mixing mode” would utilize all of the colors.

Thank you.

If something seems wrong in the Fixture Library send through the fixture details including the user manual to and they will correct the SoundSwitch Fixture Library for you.

Fixture request are usually handled within 24 hours.

And if everything is correct in the library already they can get you sorted to get it up and running correctly.