Key tables

Now that many are beginning to know the compatibility between songs, and the mix of soft keys, I have created this guide to try to help those who want to.

We all know that if we have a song, for example, 3A, it is harmonically compatible with 3B, 2A and 4A, well, there are also other possibilities that I invite you to try with these tables.

They are the famous energy jumps, where we can use harmonically compatible songs, but with a big jump in energy, both up and down… you can try… 3A compatible with 6B and 12B, but also with 5A, 8A and 10A, I hope it can help


I’m not sure I know what that means.

I miss the little mark on the line under the key that told us how far from the detected/predicted key center we were. Not sure why they removed it.

It’s a matter of trying… each one can always play in the same key, or raise or lower the energy of the music with compatible keys that in many cases sound quite good, after all, to discover songs for future mixes. in rekorbox there was an automatic system that helped you by suggesting compatible songs… well it’s something similar, but it mainly serves to be more creative using mixes that we wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

maybe the translator hasn’t helped me to explain myself clearly, I mean looking for original mixes with the original key, without changing… to create new mixes, playlists etc, not to change the key of a song to make it compatible. …

Excuse my ignorance, but isn’t this similar?

How do these numbers relate to real keys?

This is the method in the second paragraph above.

The method described (which I think Phil Morse call Fuzzy Key) is where you can mix in adjacent keys but also jump further around the Camelot wheel yet still sound in key.



Yes, it’s the Camelot wheel, supposedly the songs are compatible, with the one with the same number (3a with 3b) and also with those on its left and right (2a and 4a), but they can also be harmonically compatible( that is to say that the mixture between the two is usually better) if we use others, that is why I have created the table, so that you can test the ones that I put in the tables