Key Shifting on the SC5000 (v1.3 Update)

** *Musical Key Change and Key Sync feature > Simple to use and fast to engage, DJ’s can now effortlessly apply a musical key change to their tracks, up and down in single semitone increments. Instant, one button press key matching is also added and audio quality remains pristine at all frequencies. Standalone, harmonic DJ mixing is here!

Could there be a bit more context on this, Key Shifting is something I really wanted to see added to the SC5000s! A bit more explanation on how to do this would be amazing! :slight_smile:

Turn keylock on. Tap the key on the screen once it’s analyzed. Hit the - or + buttons to change it in increments. Hit shift+keylock button to reset it. Hold the keylock button to match it to the exact analyzed key the other deck is current set as.

Points to improve: You cannot currently do any of this until the track is analyzed, which seems like an unnecessary limitation, and you cannot lock the key to the pitch state of just any point on the fader. Oh, and the little colored lines under key with the mark on it telling you how far you are deviated from the exact analyzed key increments is now not working.

Press the key value when key lock is on and see what happens. :sunglasses:

I can’t edit my post, but by - and + buttons I meant the on screen ones that come up. Also, it will show a Done one that you can tap to exit that.

HI @michaelwojcikmusic, you can see the Key Adjust/Sync options here in the Prime 4 tutorial:

Couple of this to add: 1 - The track does need to be analysed first as this will get the original key. 2 - KEY LOCK needs to be enabled on that player to engage Sky Adjust or Sync function.

Hope this helps

Any plans for this to be expanded? Key changing is based on exact percentage changes regardless of the original key, so changing the key one or two up or down won’t make the key any different once it shows the key after analysis. Unless it’s now detecting when it thinks the track is not an exact key at zero pitch… that would be interesting. Platinum Notes apparently can do that.

If you’re already pitched away from zero, the ability to lock to the tone you’re at would be useful, partly in allowing correction of imperfect original keys but also because it’d be less abrupt. Bringing back the colored key deviation lines would be useful to let us know how far we are from a detected increment, with - and + letting you bump it to one of these increments.

We’re always open to suggestions on how we can improve and will pass this on. thank you. J


By the way, detecting and automatically correcting imperfect keys was not really a request in the prior post, rather an incidental tangent to the subject matter. I’m not sure if I was implying it or not, though I wouldn’t be necessarily opposed to it with the colored lines showing deviation back. The two requests were changing key prior to analysis and locking to the key of any point on the pitch fader. Just mentioning this in case the tangent was misleading. Thanks.

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thank you for clarifying