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Hello everyone, I did not really understand what this feature does, what are the disadvantages and advantages of using it.

K try and keep this simple If you lock the key then it will keep in that key no matter what speed you play track at. If you take it to unlock then key will change with the speed. The advantage of using it is you can fade the speed of a 170bpm track right down to say 70bpm in same key makes mixing a lot easier. Disadvantage mmmmm dont know always play with mine on

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Disadvantage is that the further away from the original speed you get, the more work the computer is doing so potentially (I’m not that musically tuned so hear little really, but the audiophiles on here will possibly jump in) degrades the quality of the track by having to over-process to maintain the key.

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Ok. Thank you Im using Denon prime go And i adjustsing before the mix the key according to the key of the previous track by the musical legality of course. So if I’m changing in live the key anyway, would it be better for me to pass it locked or open?

I would use key lock on then pick next track according to the mixed in harmonic wheel. I do have a cheat sheet if you want a copy So say 7a (camelot) will go with 7a. 7b. 6a or 8a… there are other keys to up or down the rooms energy which are on the cheat sheet

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Thank you So when I manually change the key then it does not change the key in case of speed differences?
Cause i anyway fit them… So I need to lock the key? And yes, please ill be happy copy of that cheat sheet

If you are using the Camelot method (for example), yes, you want to lock the key, because if you are playing a track at +8 on the pitch control, it will not be the same key anymore, but would have moved 1 or 2 semitones to a different key. With key lock on, you simply pick the matching corresponding key eg from 8A to 9A.

It would be great if the software showed you e it had changed pitch when the control was moved, but unfortunately it doesn’t, it only displays the root key of the track.

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Thanx Yeltsin for your patience and the detailed answers. So you suggest I lock the key anyway, especially since I’m matching it to the key of the track I’m mixing with?

Definitely mate, much easier to use the keys built into the software to mix with then.

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Cheers mate. all the best

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