Key Lock- Background phased sound

When key lock button is ON, Some tracks whith strong clear beat & bass (such PsyTrance) in the background have phased sound (“sqeez\fleez”). When KEY is OFF - perfect clear sound. Beta 1.6 not fixed this problem((

Most key locks will have some audio artefacts associated with them especially at wider pitch changes.

The primes key lock is better than most though

Strange, I also play psy trance sometimes and never experienced any of that. My key lock works good, no audible artifacts… But I am on the SC players… Maybe software re-upload?

I do have the phasing sound as well - sometimes even at zero pitch - when keylock is engaged. It seems to be part of the time stretch algorithm (Elastique). The quality of the key lock / key shift is still great, though!

Nice to know that there are others here on the forum listening to PSY trance, hello brothers :fist_left: :handshake: :+1:


Hello, hello, and happy mixing!

Hello! Sorry for delay. Recorded sample. Listen in Headphones

Key lock ON – Key lock OFF – Key lock ON – Key lock OFF–

Pitch Range +-

Key lock ON – Key lock OFF–

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While I’ve not experienced this too much myself I’ve read others on here talk about PSY trance and audio artefacts previously in regard to Prime units.

It must be the types of sounds used in production that don’t like the algorithm from the key lock. I hear there is other types of music that introduce artefacts as well. Filtered kicks can be a pain.

I can really hear the difference @Vitor and while it is noticeable it seems on par with what other algorithms sound like. Serato’ Pitch In Time is even worse with these audio blemishes.

If anyone has SDJ with Pitch In Time give it a spin on a 4/4 house track with a filtered kick. It sounds like a duck quacking! I think it was “Claptone - No Eyes” that used to sound awful for me.

I can hear defined phasing in the 150-500hz range in your sample. This occurs in some sounds when using complex pro in ableton as well as master tempo on CDJ’s.