Keeps freezing and skipping a beat in the mix

My prime 4 is having issues since the new firmware update 1.5.2 …tracks are jumping and skipping during a mix…I do radio shows and this has now happened 5 times…Also needed is new fx, quantise to work properly, fx with my turntables sl 1200s with prime 4…monitor the mic on the headphones as an option Also the popping noises from 1.5.0 has come back when searching hardrive and is noticable while music is playing…

Shall I head back to poineer?

Cuanto menos debes acudir a la garantía, yo en mi mcx8000 también tenía errores que se achacaban al firmware,al final resultó ser problema de hardware pero ya está fuera de garantía y me como yo solito el problema, triste porque soy usuario de denon desde hace 20 años, pero es lo que hay.

Sorry I’m not being rude but I dont understand?

I was going to suggest a Possible solution until I read that

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What’s up @SteveLolly,

Sounds like a drive (quality) issue. I had a similar issue when testing a SATA drive and a discount 2.0 USB stick. I personally use SanDisk 3.0 drives (USBs, SSD’s). No issues whatsoever.

Your choice.

It wasnt the main data drive but this happens…denon have gone extremely quiet…I like denon but need to make the software more stable and make the fx better and allow fx to work with my turntables…


I am also a victim of this weird and extremely annoying problem… I had my partner film the issue to prove the problem so this is available for the Denon Tech department to study. I ensure that the P4’s are updated so I am running the latest firmware both on the controller and engine prime software. All music tracks used are of top quality…I buy all my music using the mainstream providers. I am using dedicated Sandisk 3.1 usbs…I have one dedicated to playing music and an independent usb for recording (if I am), no other conflicting data is stored on these USBs. So its not that I am overloading the system. Basically I have provisioned for all of the quirks and previous issues known. Its also worth noting that this issue only appears on the left hand deck too which suggests something?

I make sure to calibrate the platter during my sets to make sure that its not a vibration or anything physical effecting the system. Also note that I have the system at a slight angle, tilted up at the rear by approx 20°.

The problem I have is that I am playing live streams on radio and when this intermittent pause fault appears it makes it seem that I cant mix and when it happens it sounds like pots and pans…DENON you need to sort this out as you are potentially damaging DJ reputations here, your system made me look like a complete novice last night…You need to explain the issue and how to mitigate or you will find I exercise my consumer rights and have them sent back to you under warranty! there are less than 12 months old. Please respond…

Hi, did you ever get the this resolved? I’m having the same problem and I sent the unit it back twice now, and the engineers can’t find a problem, my unit is out of warranty…