Keeping everything sync'd

I don’t know why this is so hard… I have the dropbox integration… and I sync to the dropbox folder on my laptop to the dropbox, open it on another computer… and the dropbox collection is an old collection even thought it’s pulling directly from dropbox.

So here’s my actual question. I have a destop mac, a macbook, a prime 4, and a prime go. How do I keep all of these devices sync’d for collections, playlists, hot cues, etc? If you have dropbox integration… why is this so hard?

I get that the hardware is stream only, so there’s no way to adjust anything on the decks and have it go back to a central collection. But at the least I should be able to go back and forth between two computers and manage the same primary collection with all of the data attached. Even if I have to do this with a USB stick, it feels like Engine DJ wants one local collection and all it’s capable of doing is syncing out from the main collection, but there’s no way to sync back preventing the ability to keep two computers in sync?


An option will be an external SSD for your main collection. The external SSD can be used interchangeably between all your Mac computers (APFS) and your devices as well (if it’s ExFat)

How do you designate the external HD as the “main collection”? Honestly the way they have collections in all these different places, but none of them sync together is so weird… I have a main one, a drobox one, on a USB stick, one on an external SSD drive and none of there’s no way to sync any of them.

Which means if I use an external SSD, then the dropbox feature is useless. Also, when I’ve tried to drag playlists from one collection to another, Engine DJ won’t let me. So frustrating.

The Main collection SSD aka Master collection is where all my music goes to straight from the internet. The drive is always plugged into my MacBook. I download files straight to it.

Music files from this SSD gets added to the database of Engine and Serato.

Then I can do anything I want with this master collection depending on my needs eg export to usb, make mirror clones, use it direct with prime players.

I don’t use Dropbox and I also don’t use the installed sata SSD option on the 6000. I’ve come to the realization that I don’t have to use every feature set. Some features actually hinders my workflow.

I basically do the same thing with my music files… but I’m talking about the Engine database that stores playlists, hot cues, loops, settings, etc… how do I keep the two Denon devices and two mac computers sync’d? I don’t mind having to take steps… but I literally can’t see how it could be done.

The database containing hotcues, loops and playlist is stored on the drive containing the music files.

So if one unplugs the SSD from Mac 1 and plug it into Mac 2, start engine dj in Mac 2 all the playlists, hotcues etc created in Mac 1 will still be there.

Hi I think I have the same query, I have Prime 4 & Prime Go and use a Mac Book to sync to the drives in these devices, but I also have a Mac Desk top that I want to work on sometimes,I want Denon DJ to look at a shared drive for the library but I can’t see in the preferences how to change the location.