Keeping cues, grid etc… after re-adding same track?


Let me try and explain that somewhat vague title.

Ok so with the Prime Go not having separate channel meters I’ve decided to run my tracks through Mixed in Key’s Platinum Notes to at least get the levels closer.

If I do that and re-add a track to Prime will it keep the beat grid settings, cue points etc…?


I understood what you mean.

I tested the following.

I added a acapella to EP. Made two cue points and gave a rating to the song.

Then I imported this accapella in ableton. Put a beat under the acapella. In your case you want to limit/normalize the song. Exported it, and saved it under exact file name in same location.

This gave no problems in Ep and my all cue points and rating where there.

I actually thought it should not work because filesize is different and that EP would not load the library file of the songs with saved elements. But it did work.

Hope that’s the answer you were looking for

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Thanks so much for that detailed response. I’ll give it a go :+1:

Engine Prime’s database just points to a filename/path. If that file is changed, I don’t think Engine Prime cares a lot, as @Bizarbar tested.

Just don’t delete tracks in the Prime database: that action will delete all cuepoint/loop/etc info in the database. It is not saved with your track…

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