Kam XY laser

Does anyone have any experience of using this, or any other lasers with Soundswitch? I have emailed support but other than pointing me to make my own fixture, their support has been, frankly, pathetic (it’s now a month since my original query).

Anyway, I can’t get the shutter to control at all. I can either create a channel and turn it on with an attribute, but then it won’t turn off, ever, or set it up correctly with a shutter channel but once it’s turned off, I can’t get it to turn back on. Any ideas anyone?

You have to create another attribute, with a blackout value…that is, if the red attribute, for example, has the channel active in auto mode, when it changes to the blue attribute, for example, you must set the blackout value of that attribute, otherwise contrary remains on

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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate you taking the time to help.

Sorry, what do you mean, that for each colour you have to have an on and an off attribute? So two settings for each colour?

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I record a video so you can better observe what I explain to you.

You will see that I use autoscript, and I show you only the attributes of the 5-color laser. Specifically, I show you several, some where the laser is on, in the program that I have indicated according to the laser manual and connecting it, to check that it makes the drawing that I want, as in the one in photo 1, and in others that all The values ​​are at zero, but the boxes are checked, attention, in your laser it may vary, that is, it may be that, laser off, it is the value 255 for example, you have to check that in your manual. I recommend that you connect only your laser and modify the attributes and you will see that when the laser is connected, it responds to what you modify, although you should always pay attention to certain channels, pan, tilt, zoom, etc… they are not important, they are what want to do, the important one is the one that tells you, if it is in DMX mode, if it is in auto, sound, off, etc… I hope you can solve it. Photo two is of an attribute in which my laser is off , so when it reaches that point, it turns off and continues like that, until the song reaches another attribute that tells it to turn on as you have programmed the next attribute.

Regards Photo 1 (laser in mode on)

Photo 2 (laser off)


What a star, thanks mate. I’ll try this in a couple of days when I get home

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