Just like a Technics


Just got my SC3900’s. Unfortunately I do not have my 1200’s anymore so I cannot compare side by side but I would like to know what torque setting on the SC3900 would most accurately resemble that of a Technic’s 1200 so I can get it setup the way I like to begin with?



In all honest it doesnt matter that much, I have used some battered old 1200s and some immaculate ones, and they will be different. Also, different slipmats and even batches of the old technics decks over the years would cause even more variation so there is no ‘correct’ setting and the 3900’s are so good out the box I would suggest not to bother.

Although there is a tiny little triangle on the start and stop times to match the 1200s spin up and braking times if you really want to match them (although I much prefer instant start - its a shame it doesnt do instant start in midi mode)


For the 1200 I believe it’s 2,5kg (?), but that is for a 12" platter. If you tried using the same weight/setting on the 3900, the feel/weight would be different compared to the 1200.

Just set it to what feels good for you.