Just got a MCX8000, time to get started

Trying to figure this thing out, any tips or cool things about the MCX 8000 that a newbie like myself would find interesting?

I use mine standalone . I have no intention of using serato/laptop . This unit is a new way of thinking for me as I was using a pair of sc3900s with ipad app . The lack of keyboard has changed how I work now . For the 1st time I have made crates and playlists which really help in navigation. I’d recommend if you don’t have any type of system start with crates and playlists. I use a 500g ssd as I had issues with USB sticks . Holding shift and turning the nob will let you do a A-Z search on artist/title etc . Spend a little time practising at home before you go live ! Enjoy … it’s a fantastic bit of kit .


Can you show us some pictures how to use this options. How do you have file your ssd all in the root.?

What type ssb you use.


All files in the root yes . Then I made some crates … I’m a wedding Dj so everything from 50s- present . I’m using a Samsung 500g T3 ssd (amazon $200/ $250) . What Options would you like pics of ?

How you have fill it in the root. I think you have formatting your SSD in FAT32 befor use.

And how you have make the crates on this SSD.

So can you make crates on the mcx8000 itself? Or do you have to run engine on a computer for the initial setup?

I have a 5TB seagate external HD. Do you think that it’s overkill/maybe go with something smaller? Also, what problems with flash drives have you been having?

No i want to make sure that i can use the SSD with the MXC8000 and that the file names can be read in the display off this controller.

And put this SSD drive in USB slot 1 or 2

OK… a lot to answer! Personally I think 5tb is asking for trouble … 500g/750g is perfect but ssd only not usb stick or hard drive .

I made all my crates on engine on my Mac. Very easy to do .

Once you have added all your music to your ssd or usb (formatted to fat32 before you add your music )

Then open engine … and create "TARGET DATABASE " . Allow engine to analyze all your music … this will take some time depending on the amount of music .

Once you have done this you are free to create some crates . Name the crates what ever you like and drag and drop the tracks you want in to them . Once you have done this they will appear on your mcx8000 making it easier to find the songs you want .

It doesn’t matter what slot usb you use USB1 OR USB2 .

The problems I was having with USB sticks was crazy … songs would stop randomly… sometimes slow right down like vinyl brake, and then just play again a few seconds later … the mcx would completely freeze … songs playing but screens looks like they are not . Also I had let’s say a track playing in deck 1 … and another song ready in deck 2 … BUT the previous track (not displayed now as I have loaded a new track ) would just randomly play out at any point … not even from the beginning of the track … crazy stuff ! When I tried the ssd I have had no issues at all . I have used the mcx at 5/6 events now and no problem .

A great start is to check YouTube for denon tutorials, there are some official ones there that will help you along . If you have anymore questions … just ask .



Thanks for your info. I go to look on You tube.:smiley:

I let you know.


Problem is putting the music on the stick, for me and have heard other say it won’t take certain songs and so forth. I’ve had trouble putting music on the stick. Serato for me for one issues with the standalone mode and your gig is shot. Imo it should be used for last resort if you’re having issues with computer or the programs itself. Always have a back up plan.

I believe a 5TB hard drive is likely to cause issues withe the MCX8000.

The Specification Sheet at the end of the User Guide states that the MCX8000 only supports up to 2TB for each USB port.

So, i’d probably choose a hard drive or USB stick that is 2TB or less.

User Guide: http://www.denondj.com/images/uploads/MCX8000-UserGuide-v1.1.pdf

There are USB sticks which use a SSD controller chip also, they are more expensive, but I guess they will work at least.