Jumping Between Cue Points on Denon Gear Without Triggering (Like Pioneer's Memory Cues)"

Hello everyone,

I’m currently using Denon gear (as my 3rd and 4th layer) alongside my main Pioneer XDJ-XZ setup. I’ve been facing a challenge with cue points, particularly when switching between different tracks rapidly, which is crucial for my style of mixing (8-16 bar mixing).

Here’s the issue: I’ve imported my cue points from Rekordbox. While for some tracks, starting from the first cue point works fine, for others, I need to start playing from the 2nd or 3rd cue point. On Pioneer gear, jumping to the desired memory cue point is straightforward with the next/previous cue buttons. However, with Denon, as there’s no memory cue system, I found a workaround by setting “Paused Hot Cue Behavior” to ‘Momentary’ instead of ‘Trigger’. This works to some extent, but it’s not ideal as I still need to keep my faders down to prevent sound from playing when I click the hot cues.

So, my question is: Is there a way to jump between cue points on Denon gear without triggering them, similar to how it’s done on Pioneer gear with memory cues? I’ve set my hot cues to ‘Trigger’ mode on Pioneer and to ‘Momentary’ on Denon to manage this issue, but the behavior is different, and I’m wondering if there’s a better solution.

I suspect the answer might be no, but I wanted to confirm it and see if anyone has found a workaround or a method to handle this.

Thanks in advance for any advice or insights!

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Nope, but for you to keep track of the developments with regards to this topic → there is an existing feature request for memory cues (and countdown towards the next cue).

However, to my suprise there are not too many votes, i’d figured more rekordbox users who’ve made the switch to engine dj/denon would request this, please vote!


Thanks for the response and for the link.

I have already voted.

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