Jogwheels and length of a loop

I was wondering if it is possible to shorten the lengh of a set loop by using the jogwheel instead of the loop knob, much like you could do on a cdj?


What model of CDJ was this possible on and how was it done? Simply asking because that was not available on the NXS2 unless it was introduced in a firmware update I didn’t obtain.

Well i think it was even possible on the cdj 2000 nexus. But believe me… If i knew how it is done on a cdj i certainly would have tried it in the first place and asked later if it would not work.

All cdj’s allow this, when in a loop you press “IN” or “OUT” to adjust the loop via the jog wheel


Gotcha, thanks kindly for the clarification. I always used the touchscreen/loop mode in conjunction with the /2 and x2 functions when looping on the fly. Cheers.

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Yes, this function dates back many years on the Pioneers and I even have it on my old DNS-3500 and 3700 players. Such a powerful tool for fine tuning looped vocals or creating buildups in EDM

Sooo can we do this or not? It would be nice to be able to shorten in increments instead of halving or doubling