Jogwheel Touch Sensor issues

Hey, I’ve contacted Denon about this issue months ago but trying to get through to them during Covid was…, Anyways, I’m making this post to see if anyone is having the same issue as me with the capacitive touch portion on top of the jog… To whom this may concern, I am experiencing issues with BOTH of the Prime 4 platters. I’ve noticed that when I place my hand on the top capacitive portion of the platter to scratch in vinyl or, specifically hold the song from playing, the track begins to stutter (play and pause rapidly) is this something that’s been an issue for others??. Tried to calibrate multiple times with no success. Happened at multiple different gigs I’ve used it at. When scratching, it begins to stutter the song forward (play pause like some sort of auto gate effect) so either the beat will be wayy off when releasing from a scratch to beat match or the stutter will be heard through master output- if fader is open. Oh setting a hot que is also impossible because the song keeps shuddering forward so I can never get an accurate que…Also why are the volume sliders soo LOOSE on the mixer. (Read through Denon fourm and see why they are…) All 4 of them wobble side to side but the crossfader is more stiff and doesn’t wobble anywhere near as much (I’m afraid of it shorting out the volume faders one day from the motherboard).

Hello @CalderonWestley Welcome to the forum.

The platters are capacitive, and they need a solid electrical grounding in order to function correctly.

Some of the obvious things need to be also checked:

  • protective foil needs to be taken off the platters
  • nothing should touch the platters during power on sequence

Also I think You will find these topics interesting in finding a solution to Your problem. It was already discussed multiple times:

The clear plastic has been removed months ago and not sure what’s else to do for grounding. Tried different power cables hoping the ground on the plug would help. No. Tried with my shoes and socks off… that didn’t help… (but then again I did not pay $2000 to do a gig bare foot.) I leave the instrument alone when booting up always. I noticed last night when I touch the sensor AND the Prime 4’s metal frame, it slows down the stuttering. I don’t know what that’s about… but if I need to post a video, then I will. Honestly I would just like a replacement unit before my warranty expires and I get stuck with a defective device that main feature doesn’t work.

If you already feel it might be a hardware fault, which could simply be the case, you should contact your retailer asap and get a replacement under warranty. Perhaps try your unit in the store as well, to rule out bad grounding.

FWIW, I’ve never had grounding issues with Prime2 and Prime4, when I had them here at home.

Costumer service su*cks, emailed them months ago about my Prime 4 touch sensor not responding to touch but seems like they pushed it to the side. Scratching is a main feature and I can’t even to it on a $2000 setup. Tried calling, emailing and the forum with no luck. My warranty is going to expire and I will be stuck with a defective device. I keep going out of my way to get response multiple times … Covid is over and everything has opened back up so why is it so difficult getting a repair or a replacement?!? This should’ve been taken care of 6 months ago when I first contacted them. I will never purchase Denon again just because of their costumer service. I don’t know how pioneer’s customer service is, but i will be doing research on all of that before I make another big purchase. Highly disappointed with Denon, thought they would stand with with their name, but they don’t. If you’re thinking about purchasing from them, think twice.

Sam Nazaretian Technical Support & Return Authorizations Specialist inMusic Brands Case number: 1912724 Ive reached out to you with no success, now please reach out to me. Thank you.

Contact the retailer you bought it from or your bank or credit card vendor and explain the issue.

PS. Why would you buy a Prime 4 for scratching?

Like stated here:

Have you reached out to the retailer? They have to act on your defective unit under warranty!

(When your Chevy doesn’t drive as expected, you call the Chevrolet car dealer, not General Motors. It’s way faster and it’s their responsibility.)

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I can recreate the rapid stutter in my Prime 4 by holding my MacBook while it’s plugged in/charging and touching the platter (I was moving the Mac while mid-mix so found out out by accident!).

This sounds exactly what I experienced.

Now this doesn’t fix your issue but it almost surely points to a grounding problem (either with the Prime 4 or the power going into it) and as you have tried the different power cable (did you try another power outlet?) I guess the retailer is the first stop now.

If you haven’t tried it, give a go with another outlet in a different room or at another house/venue.

Hopefully you get this sorted quickly with the retailer as it’s a great bit of kit.

Thank you for the reply, tried many different places as well as taking it out of the flight case assuming interference. Some places are worse then others and also the temperature seems to effect it as well. Denon finally emailed me back. Should be getting a call tomorrow, I’ll keep you all posted.

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Amazing. Glad to see you’ve had a result and fingers crossed all goes well.

Keep us posted.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve had the instrument for about 9 months now, but gave iDjNow a call today anyways. They told me to go through Denon for the 1 year warranty since “iDjNow” only covers 30 days. It’s a manufacturing defect I’m assuming.

I would add iDJnow to the list of “never buy again” as well.

A store should handle their customer’s warranty. That they contact the distributor and the distributor ultimately the manufacturer to sort things out on the backend, shouldn’t be a customer’s problem.

Maybe it’s legally different in your country, so my opinion is just an opinion…

I’ve tagged some staff yesterday, so maybe things will go forward.

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Same issue here. It’s fine for normal use but as soon as you want to fast forward or rewind or scratch they flash like they don’t know if I’m touching them and the song plays on like on a gate effect. Pretty disappointing to be honest.