Jog Wheels Denon Prime 4

Hi all just a slightly paranoid new Denon Prime 4 user here. Overall, I like the feel of the Prime 4 as I have been using a Pioneer RX2 for a year. However I have a few issues as I bought this P4 second-hand and I have have noticed that the large headphone jack socket is missing the back, looks like a bit of rubber of some sort or washer is missing. It works fine but it does ever so slightly move. Is this an easy fix?

Also, the jog wheels feel loose. I can backspin countless times, maybe up to 20 times, and they look uneven. It doesn’t affect the performance, but also, not is if I’m a renowned scratcher, it feels like they are far too loose to scratch, and you can’t get consistency.

My last paranoid anxiety is the waveform display. Indeed, the P4 waveforms are far superior to the RX2, but now and again for a micro second the waveforms, lags. This also does affect the audio. I’m hoping this is normal and the P4 isn’t on its way out.

Anybody out there that can put my mind at ease. By the way, the guy I got it from said it had a service a couple of months back. this is why I’m hoping I haven’t got myself a P4 that has been serviced badly.



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Have you removed the clear plastic films from the platters?

I also had an rx2 for a long time… the jogs… in the new ones they go very hard and in the ones that have a time the opposite and they soften over time they say… so I have the opposite problem haha, On the other hand, I’ll tell you that it’s much better than the Pioneer and that the jog lag error should be fixed using the calibration option in the menu… but in general I’m very happy with the change, I think it’s much better than Pioneer

Hi mate. Yes the plastic have been removed.

Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I think its a question of getting used to them after Pioneer useage.

I’ve tried the calibration option, not too sure if its made any difference.

Does your waveform display sometimes for a micro second jump? The waveforms in general are so much better with P2.

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the truth is that I have not noticed it, but I will observe it

The waveform jump could be quality of sound going in or speed of hard drive. you dont say what your tracks are on and old hdd wont perform like an ssd but not all ssd’s are the same in this case it would be the read rate

Hi mate, I’m kind of new to all this hard wear, I’m an old vinyl head so you must excuse my ignorance. At the moment I’m using it as a standalone using a Scan disc USB and playing some electronic deep house that has been perfectly analysed.

I take it a HDD is a hardrive?



Yes hdd is old skool mechanical hard drive. Ssd is a solid state such as your usb key.

Kk is it every tracks or certain tracks.

Does this happen in engine desktop as well. Alsi check id3 tags of affected tracks

Thanks again for the reply. Engine DJ on my laptop seems to flow without any glitches. I was told you can’t use it with the P2 which is a shame. Maybe I’ll get an SDD card or Sata hard drive and see if that makes any difference.

Get a SSD not a HDD

Stick with the known brands

I would avoid QLC SSDs

Thanks, I’ll do that. Also, I have rebooted the P4 and reinstalled the firmwear using a USB stick rather than Wifi or laptop. I saw a YouTube video that suggested this and it appears to have done the trick.

Happy days.