Jog wheel touch, master deck, sync and BPM jump issues

Hi I’ve been using the Denon SC5000 and X1800 prime for a month now and I have noticed a couple of issues here and there.

  • The first issue had happened to me several times now, I use the sync feature to fasten or slow down the two playing decks at the same time, I’ve set the other (not live) deck to the same BPM as the live deck and when I pressed sync both decks jumped to 120 BPM! the playing song was 102 BPM and the other is 110 BPM (brought down to 102 BPM), I’ve also checked if the sync was turned on on one of the other layers but it wasn’t, and non of the loaded songs is 120 BPM.
  • The second issue I noticed it isn’t really an issue but it’s frustrating, when I want to set the master deck to the non live deck which I’ve manually synced using the jog wheel it won’t set it as master deck unless i play around with the grid (Jog wheel or the pitch bend buttons) on the other deck then the master is automatically switched to the other deck. it’s frustrating to play around with the live deck and sync it to the non live one.
  • The third issue I encountered revolves around the jog wheel and it’s touch surface, when I try to manually sync the songs and I spin the jog wheels from the side it some times acts like I’ve touched the jog wheel surface itself and makes a disaster! Hope these issues gets solved and I’m hoping that non of them is hardware related. Thanks in advance.

Don’t know about remark 1&2. I never use sync.

Remark 3: Have you taken of the foil of the platter? On the other hand it sounds like a grounding issue. Are the player in a properly grounded socket?

The jog wheel thing sounds like poor earth/ground could be at fault so maybe check your extension leads, power distribution blocks and so on.

The issue with things jumping to 120 bpm… I think I read somewhere that before any legit BPm is detected or read from a file, the default bpm is 120. This makes me wonder if your network connections are poorly connecting so then the default 120 bpm shows up instead. If your network connection is playing up, then I guess that sync would be affected too

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Thanks for your replies guys. Yeah it sounds like a grounding issue, I’ve been using the provided power cables but they do not have a ground connection. I have checked the network cables they are working well plus they are brand new so i don’t think the cables are the issue.

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Or body static electricity. Next time it happens, if your ground checks out on that power circuit with a circuit checker thingy, try touching something metal like the ground screw on the rear left of the unit and see if it stops.