Jog Wheel on the right side doesn't work normally


Suddenly without any reason, the right jog wheel on my controller MCX8000 has stoped working normally when a track is loaded (stoped or in playing mode). I have already checked that this problem occurs the same when the controller is in the serato mode or in the engine mode. The problem is when I’m turning the Jog wheel left or right then the response is very very slowly… and also when I touch it on the top side to stop the track it doesn’t work. So, I have already reboot all systems many times and I have already updated the firmware. But nothing… I don’t know if this happened because of my wrong combination of pressed buttons by mistake or if it is a real hardware or software issue. Any help will be usefull. Thank you Vassilis

Could it be in jog Bend mode instead of vinyl mode?

Yes but why? I prefer to have it in a vinyl mode. The left side works perfect

Do you get any change in how the platter works or feels if you switch vinyl mode on or off? Or does the platter behave the same whether your in vinyl mode or not

Yes of course, in booth modes when I touch the top side of the platter I can’t stop the track. Normally in vinyl mode as it works in the left side it shoud be done.

The default position in standalone is VINYL. Turn of your MCX without being plugged into your laptop. The VINYL button on both decks should be illuminated. Load a track from your USB and vinyl mode should be active.

Next, go to your UTILITY settings and make sure the TOUCH SENSITIVITY for both decks are set to 0 (ZERO).

Hope this helps.

Problem solved when I unplugged the XLR cables of the SUB Woofer from the booth out. It worked normally!!! After that I plugged the cables again and then it continiued to work normally! It is very strange fault. Maybe something happened with the ground. Some other guys were faced the same problem and the did the same action…

I had to fix a similar problem but with RCF full range speakers not just a sub bass speaker.

I had to buy a XLR ground lifter adaptor which then stopped the powered speakers feeding bad ground back to the mixer console.

The Ground lifter box I got was about €60 euro but was stereo. For sub bass you will maybe need only mono so should be cheaper. There are cheaper plug in-line ones as well, but I got a ground lift box as I don’t like inline plugs straining on panel mount xlr connectors