Jog wheel not responsive on SC6000 when connecting LC6000

Hi there, Have an annoying issue in SC6000 Jog wheel become not responsive regularly for scratching or backspin most of the time when connecting LC6000 Tried to do:

  • re-upgrade OS engine several times
  • enable/disable vinyl mode No luck.

Notice when I downgrade to 2.4.0 this issue happening lessly

Don’t think it is a hardware issue since if I unplug LC6000 jog wheel run smoothly This issue not happening in LC6000 it self only in SC6000

Hope to resolve this bug soon.


Is the LC6000 running on usb power only?

If you plug the LC6000 into mains power, using the mains adaptor that came with it, does the problem go away ?

Have you reached out to support yet?

Nope just tried it still not working

Not yet my dear

Please reach out here: Support : Denon DJ