Jog wheel display crashed

Only second time using my P4 and the right jog wheel display is scrambled like a distorted TV picture and has now gone blank completely. Turned off and on again and no luck. Has this happened to anyone else? There have been no bumps or damage to it. Really hoping this isn’t going to mean shipping it back again.

I’ve tried to update the firmware by downloading 1.4.1 on my laptop and connecting that to the P4 then pressing Reboot from the Utility menu. But it seems to be hanging, the unit is dark apart from the four green fx buttons below the fader and the jog wheel patterns. The screen is showing the same picture all the time

Do I just need to wait longer? It’s been about 20 mins so far

Hi @ParmoViolet - The firmware update should only take about 5 mins. Did the desktop updater say that the update was complete?

If the wheel display does not come back online after a successful firmware update. It may require service. I would recommend contacting our support team to resolve that issue.

Contact Denon DJ Global Support

Hi. The jog wheel fixed itself, not sure how.

The firmware update - all I get after the reboot button is the screenshot above. Nothing else happens?

How long are u leaving that ■■■■ to hang? When I first got my prime 4 it hung on looking for computer for ages but eventually worked it’s way through… have you waited… like for minutes at a time?

“Looking for computer” - this is not an update state of the device but midi controller mode. It will keep looking for a computer when serato is not on.

My comment was less to do with the page it hung on and more to do with it hanging but eventually working itself out if given enough time.

So I plug in the laptop or hard drive (have tried both) with the img file on. Go to menu, select Reboot and get the screen you can see further up the thread. So far I’ve left it overnight and it still sat there. It’s like the P4 doesn’t recognise the file is there and use it