iTunes updates

Hi! I’m wondering if I do any thing wrong. Helping a friend that is new to EP and he works in iTunes with his collection (my workflow is different). He create a playlist, import to EP and then sync it to his stick. Then he wants to add songs to that playlist, add them in iTunes, open EP and update iTunes library (see different number of tunes) and then sync to the stick but no update of songs in the sticks playlist. Why? Is there a step that we miss?

When he updates the iTunes playlist he should take the new songs and put them to his EP playlist and then sync that playlist to his stick.


He has to delete the Crate/Playlist in EP, then add his iTunes playlist again.

I just add the new tracks. No need to delete the whole list.

What if he has added multiple new tracks to multiple playlist (old playlists)

One has to remember which old playlist has been updated in iTunes

Then drag the content of each one into previously created crates in EP