iTunes Playlist sync


i really like my two sc5000 and x1800 mixer! But, what is wrong with the iTunes sync to engine prime?

I’m using my equipment as a mobil DJ and using more than 12.000 songs organized in Playlists. Because of different reasons I’m organizing my songs in iTunes.

Is the following really the best way to sync iTunes Playlists?:

  • Update iTunes Libary in Denon Engine (since 1.2.3 much faster)

  • manually search for the Playlists with different number of songs

  • manually delete each (updated) Playlist in Denon Engine

  • manually import again all updated Playlist (why no refresh???)(quite difficult if you have more than 100 Playlists)

  • manually putting the Playlist at the correct position (no sorting options)

  • manually updating the Create with the whole music

  • and afterwards the same process for the usb device (searching and manually updating - no automatic refresh???)

All these are taking hours just for updating a few songs, wich are organized in iTunes Playlists. I really hope I’m not doing the right way and there is somewhere a hidden button to do the sync and refresh from iTunes to the usb device per one click!!! (This can’t be so difficult and there are a many topics in the forum for this point)

Has somebody a better workaround?

Best regards


No, no sync button … you cant sync crates or playlists yet, it’s painful I know, please upvote this feature request: Update Existing Crate and Playlist

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