Itunes dead in Catalina News, Fake or Real

Just saw this online.

Whilst i don’t use itunes for library management (bar Match) i know many folks here swear by it.

Thoughts on this? Project fear or truth?

It was already known that iTunes was eol (end of life). So no surprise that coincides with the release of a new OS upgrade.

That said, iTunes is simply replaced by the Music app, which promised pretty much the things that iTunes once was, simple collection management without all the bloatware added over the years (video and all that).

Haven’t had a chance to play around with it, but apparently we can still do what we want without all the unnecessary extra’s that have clogged up all the menus for years.

My biggest fear is that all the music in iTunes will have a new file path with the Music App thus breaking the connection with the DJ apps databases.

It really shouldn’t. Especially if you set iTunes to leave track in the place you put them (instead of copying it all over to the iTunes Music folder in artist/album folders or something).

And then there are third-party programs that can collect all your tracks from wherever they are :-).

I organize all of my music through iTunes, allowing itunes to copy the music and organize it. Hopefully the Engine Prime software will get a relocate option soon.

To each his own. I prefer having my own location for tracks and my own way of naming folders. Have tried the iPhone way for a while back in the day, but that didn’t work for me. Especially when bringing my collection with me and having to find stuff in that folder structure.

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