iTunes artwork crash

When i pull my iTunes library in via “Update iTunes Library” the process gets as far as the artwork upload and completely crashes loosing all data.

Have tried: Moving all files to a HD with recommended HD format - same problem. Re-installed and updated iTunes - same problem Attempted the update/sync about 8 times.

Lost about 5 days of my life in the process having no joy. Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug that needs fixing? There don’t seem to be many settings to actually play with.

HI @djashjones, sorry to hear you are having these problems.

To help us troubleshoot could you give us some more info please:

  • What OS are you running
  • What are your laptop specs
  • What exact format is the drive, and what size is it?
  • How big is your iTunes library
  • What version of Engine Prime are you running

Sorry I know it’s a lot but will help us narrow down where this problem might be occuring

Thanks J

operating system: windows 10 professional (64bit) computer is running: -processor: amd fx 8150 eight-core 3.90ghz -memory: 16.0gb -hard drives: 4x sandisk ultra II ssd 960gb

drives are running exfat

iTunes Library: 73800 tracks (music not video)

engine prime: 1.3.1

thank you @djashjones for your swift reply, doe you know if the drives are exFat (Master Boot Record)?

Is there anyway to run this process with a smaller library to see if this runs ok?

following this i think i have found the problem…

I have reinstalled iTunes again but instead of from the windows store, direct download from the apple website.

It has worked perfectly.

there is obviously something conflicting with the version from windows. Even tho they are both the same version(