Issues With Crate Management

Today, Engine starting lagging extremely when creating and moving crates. I attempted uninstalling and re-installing. It did not fix the issue. :frowning:

Hi @hellnegative, sorry to hear you are experiencing this.

This is a tricky one to troubleshoot! Does this happen with crates that have varying sizes of files in them? Can you make a create with just 5 songs in and see if it does the same please?

thank you


This also occurs with creating new empty crates.

Hi @hellnegative, apologies for the delay in a response.

Would it be possible for you to backup and delete your music/engine library folder as uninstalling and re-installing doesnโ€™t wipe this directory.

Thanks J

I have already tried this.

@hellnegative thank you for this update, this does sound very odd indeed. I think the best option here is to escalate to our support team to see if they can assist.

Could you please raise a new request here:

Thanks Jay.