Issue with Shift View on Prime 2 or Engine OS 2.0.2?

When I press shift+View to change the Horizontal/Vertical view more than once, the Engine OS goes back to setting the browser’s playlist as BPM even if it’s set to artist, title… or play order. That is, every time I change the visual orientation it is automatically changed to the original OS Engine. So if I want to search tracks by artist for example, do I always have to do a new setup?

I’m glad someone noticed that. I also have a post going. Since 2.0 with waveforms and beat grids basically being cut off when in horizontal mode… they failed to fix it yet again.

Hey @RicardoBarros - Let me share this with the team and see if this action is normal.

Are you able to share a quick video of this action as well?

Yes of course. how long of video? how will i share?

You can upload to youtube as unlisted and share the link.

Hey @Anthony_DDJ Vídeo link.

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For some reason and in prime 4 also the preferred play order option is not saved as it should. I choose bpm and after reboot it is different. I have to choose again short by bpm. This is an easy fix for you guys.

Another thing I forgot to mention is the playlist function. It’s not a malfunction but it’s very annoying. When you enter playlist editing mode, after selecting at least one track (alphabetical order), drag it to the created folder, when it goes back to normal mode with the intention of selecting another, the whole folder goes back to the beginning instead of continuing from last selected.

Thanks for sharing - Let me check with the team.