Issue with MC7000 Soundcard

Purchased about 6 weeks ago. Have an issue with what I think is the Soundcard. Works fine for about an hour or so then sound deteriorates and stops. only fix seems to be to switch off and restart. Happened twice during radio broadcast. As there’s no firmware updates to date have to consider returning or exchanging the hardware unless there’s something i’ve overlooked. During broadcast use imac running 10.10.5

Have you tried increasing your Latency/Buffer settings in SeratoDJ? Because this sounds like you’re running it too low or have issues with a nonoptimized computer for audio.

Yes, I’d be suspecting the latency setting too. Increase the latency buffer and also try seeing if making sure the computer is absolutely cold (switched off for an hour or more) before switching on for the radio show (hot computers process slower to keep heat down)

Damn…thank you guys…that’s something that completely slipped my mind…Latency it’s got to be that…thx again

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