Issue transfering to SSD on P4

Hi, all first topic here and I hope someone could help me. Since a month more or less, I’ve a weird behaviour when I try to transfer from Engine PC to SSD on board on P4 (take note, before everything has always works in the right way). I’ve re-formatted Crucial BX500 1TB SSD on board on P4 connected to USB cable on PC with 2 500gb partition (both on exFAT) but when I sync with Engine the system runs the job but no files have been copied on SSD and when I try to access on P4 it returns me the database corruption error. So I turn on computer mode, and WIN10 tells me that the SSD is damaged and try to recover it. After that, the loop is the same. I’ve tried to format the SSD directly from PC, and after that put it physically on P4: it doesn’t work, same loop with same final issue. I’ve tried with another SSD 180GB capacity, formatted on exFAT: same workaround, with same loop, same final issue. Also try to uninstall the Denon drivers from PC and reinstall, but it doesn’t work. Take note that both PC and P4 run same Engine Version 3.2.0. If I use an external USB HD, everything goes in the right way and no issues founded. Could someone help me with this? I think using internal SSD on P4 is a great plus instead of an external drive; I hope my issue could be solved. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

did you try without partitioning?

when things go wrong

try with a new database

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Hi Mufasa, thanks for the reply.

  1. On the 180GB SSD I’ve tried without partitioning, and it doesn’t work: same error.
  2. You suggest me to to try with a new database, but as I see in the video you attach it means to re-create the entire database (I’ve 12k tracks on 30 playlists)?? or can I perform a backup of the DB, after that perform the workaround of rename the Engine Library folder, and when I re-open the Engine software can I restore the Database from the backup?

You can do a test by backing up your current database folder. Rename it to something else.

Then add your files again and see if it exports well.

Unfortunately, it sometimes comes to this that one has to recreate the library again from the scratch.

If the library that is corrupted is important to you, you may want to consider a months subscription to lexicon.

Lexicon may be able to read the old library.


  1. Upload old library to lexicon

  2. Whilst you are at it, convert it to serato or rekordbox

  3. Then rename the old library

  4. Export lexicon to engine dj again

It may work or not.

Thanks Mufasa, I’ll do some attempts and I’ll check Lexicon. But my consideration is: why when I use external HD everything works well and only when I connect P4 to PC on computer mode it doesn’t work? I think PC library is not corrupted if on external usb HD it works without issue, I think it could be a connection\identification problem of the SSD mounted on P4 to the PC, and I can’t imagin what kind of problem could be.

Yeah it’s a strange one. But you did mention that you tried two different storage devices and those didn’t work.

What happens if you connect the SATA-SSD via usb to the prime4? Does that work?

If it works then it may be a SATA connector issue

Unfortunately I don’t have a SATA-to-USB connector to try, I will look for someone able to lend it to me to carry out some tests.

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May be quicker to get one on Amazon

I once had a similar problem, I fixed it by copying the engine folder from the PC and pasting it (overwriting) on ​​my Prime 4

Thanks Ren3, it could be another attempt to try, I will.

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