Issue sync Apple Music library to Engine DJ library


I’m new to Engine DJ and the SC Live 4, but I have experience with tech like Mac, Rekordbox, and Traktor.

I’m having trouble syncing my Apple Music library with Engine DJ.

When I click the sync button (which is located next to “Apple Music Library”), I expect it to update Engine DJ with any changes I’ve made in Apple Music. However, even though the software shows it’s loading, it doesn’t seem to apply the updates.

For example, I have a playlist called “test” with two songs, but after hitting sync, the playlist isn’t updated in Engine DJ. To get it to reflect the changes, I have to delete the playlist from my Engine DJ collection and manually re-add it.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?


See here

Hum, okay, shame to do it manually but looking forward for next update, thanks !

This is the worst problem I have with Engine DJ. I use Itunes to manage my music and playlist. Worked seamlessly with Serato but I’ve since made the move to Engine and SC Live 4 as well and I hate the workflow to get everything synced…sometime just for 1 bloody track.

I recently just worked on this. If you add a smart playlist in iTunes and set it to show all purchased tracks in the last 7 days say, then go into engine…all you have to do is press refresh on that playlist and your new track appears (in the iTunes view of engine desktop). You can then either import or simply drag and drop the track into your desired playlist and it’s added to the collection.

This is fine for one new track that needs to go into one playlist. If you have one track that needs to pull through 3 playlists then you have 3 times the steps. Now if you added multiple tracks (say an album) and each individual song goes into multiple different playlists it becomes very tedious.