Issue in vynil mode with Serato - SC5000

I’ve experienced a quite annoying issue lately with one of my sc5000. I’m using Serato. There were slow downs and glitches in vynil mode. I know it’s not coming from Serato because the other sc5000 worked fine. Denon service is not helping me… thAnks

Cannot imagine support is not helping. Let’s wait and see who will get you in the right direction.

Hi sseroussi, I had a similar problem like yours. For me it was a grounding issue in the power supply of one of my SC5000. The reason was a power cord with a bad contact. Try another power cord, perhaps this will solve your problem. Cheers, Tony

THanks Tony, Will try that, I’ll let you know

Hi @sseroussi, thanks for posting. You mentioned that you’ve already contacted our Technical Support team, we’d like to make sure that they follow up with you! Can you send me a private message with the contact information that you shared with Tech Support? With this information, we’ll be able to assist you.