Issue - Engine DJ - Changes FLAC Vorbis to ID3v2 (bad practice)

See: Engine DJ - Changes FLAC Vorbis to ID3v2 issue - YouTube

In my humble opinion, this is bad practice and causes incompatiblity with other software.

Could you guys just use the default Vorbis format instead when writing tags?

Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor & VirtualDJ don’t change from Vorbis to ID3v2 when writing to FLAC.

FLAC has it’s own native tagging system which is identical to that of Vorbis. They are called alternately “FLAC tags” and “Vorbis comments”. It is the only tagging system required and guaranteed to be supported by FLAC implementations. Out of convenience, the reference decoder knows how to skip ID3 tags so that they don’t interfere with decoding. But you should not expect any tags beside FLAC tags to be supported in applications; some implementations may not even be able to decode a FLAC file with ID3 tags.

source: FLAC - faq

FLAC and OGG files store tags in VORBIS comments. (Be careful, as FLAC files can contain VORBIS comments and ID3 tags at the same time. If at all possible delete all ID3 tags from the flac file. FLAC standard only guarantees that VORBIS comments will be read by any flac compliant program, while ID3 may be read by some but not by others.This has confused some people, who were modifying the ID3 tags instead of the VORBIS ones, and not seeing the proper result.)

source: Beginners Guide To Tagging - SqueezeboxWiki

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Just to confirm, also happens on macOS, see: