Isolated greetings from Auckland

Kia ora,

I’m new to the forum and hope it’s cosy in your state of isolation. 2020 will be a crazy memory in history.

My name is Arama, and DJ as Morning Steppa since 2003 and other random names before that from 98, working in music stores and resident nights. Back then it was a mix of Funk Breaks, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Dub and Nu Jazz on Radio, Club, Cafe, Basements, Forest Planting - music everywhere possible.

Auckland was the playground and still is. You will likely hear a range of bpm’s with lots of African influence in my current Club sets, inna Dancehall, Afrobeats, Soca style and fashion.

With over 20 years experience in different DJ scenarios, music formats, and genres. Denon gear has always been present - many a beer was spilt on the old rack style CDJ. The buttons got a good bashing. And then they added the loop function!

I worked on the Sync Manager feature with the Auckland team. One love to the Rangitoto crew. Can’t wait to test drive the latest wip :racing_car:


Ow we have Royalty here!!!

Welcome From Belgium my friend. Hope all is safe.

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We wear mainly royal track pants and slippers in our realm, and haircuts have been banned, So we’ve become comfortably rugged recently.

Big up Belgium!