Is ZipDJ part of inMusic?

I received and email a few days back from Numark/inMusic promoting ZIPDJ record pool. Is ZIPDJ under the inMusic umbrella? I find the promotion curious.

I too received it. Looked into it but I’m happy with beatport. Not sure what else it can offer besides being another music pool. Watch this space I guess.

Most likely a friendly cooperation. A way for ZipDJ to draw new/returning clients and Denon to market their product

I don’t think it is. There is no announcements on both sides and it is normal for them to promote services. I’ve had Tidal promotional stuff and Beatport Link promos come my way too via email.

I wonder if ZipDJ could incorporate their service into the PrimeNumark series in a similar fashion to DJ City did together with Beatport. In theory it could be added just like the others have. Even as a Dropbox service like Inflyte do.

I can’t see inMusic dabbling with DJ pools as they have revenue partners already but never say never. There is always surprises out there.

Were you able to see what their genre coverage is like? Like you, I use Beatport for dance music. I didn’t really want to sign up to ZIP unless I can see what’s available in their database.

No sorry, I didnt get past the sign up stage, as like you I didn’t want to continue without seeing what’s on offer. Beatport has old and new and suits me just fine :muscle::ok_hand::grin: