Is there seriously not a way to sync engine prime collection from a file on desktop? WTFFFFF

ok, for the life of me I can not figure out how to update my engine prime collection from a file on my desktop drive.

I keep a master music file on my hard drive. when i down load new music i sort then and categorize them into this file. then i import those files into prime. later i will downlead more music sort and categorize them into the same master file on my hardrive.

how the hell do i update those files into prime? it seems all i can do is delete my entire collection in prime and re-add the entire library. it takes forever because reanalyzes all the tracks. i can not for the life of me figure out a sync?

issue 2 is if i have created a play list in prime its gone once i delete the collection, so how am i supposed to maintain my collection in prime playklist and files and update new music? please HELP this ■■■■■

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Have you checked out tutorials on youtube? There is lots of them!

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When you download new songs they will be with an earlier date than your songs before.

Just sort your download folder by date and only drag the new songs to your engine collection.

with a later date…

so then all my new music cant be sorted by genre in my master file only date? that makes zero sense

also i use these genre files to create playlist that i import prime. so then what i import date files into prime so when i want a deep house file i search dated playlist? i honestly don’t understand this rationale

yes the dont seem to have a solution

@djeric i have look at that video and it mostly intro stuff and doesnt address my issue, It was helpful wheni first started and created my collection.

are you referring to the crossfader tutorials? there are a lot of them but i really dont see anything that shows a sync option from a file. is it true i have drag and drop as i go?

I assume he means drag your new music into Engine Desktop, sort by date added, and you’ll find all the new stuff you just dragged in.

yeah i mean i guess without a sync from a file option there isnt a way around dragging the new downloads into my master file and then dragging them into prime its double work one way or another. i could drag by genre or date its still not sync from a file and is kinda lame. honestly im looking into a sync option on rekordbox

You’re right :wink:

That’s not perfect but a workaround for now.

@romanpadillaart you keep using the word ‘file’ when you should be saying ‘folder’. The files are the individual music tracks. The folder is where you keep them.

You don’t need to have separate folders for each genre. If your files are fully tagged then you can sort by genre using Engine DJ. The files can be in any folder.


+1 on this hellish way to organize. It’s a digital realm with files in folders (and subfolders)… Drag and drop creates a duplicate-nightmare-bonanza. I’m experimenting with some version of “Genre” folder for already synced playlists and then a temporary “Genre_” folder for the new files to be deleted after resyncing, but like Mando NEVER said: “This is NOT the way…” :sweat_smile:

Did Denon kill the bug report/wishlist?

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@maako I completely agree it blows my mind. It’s as if they expect everyone organizes their music files the same way and only within prime. I’m sorry I have master folders and I want control of how they are organized before they are imported to prime. Huge folders of music lumped together by date download doesn’t cut it. Your work around seems like a good idea shame it has to be sp much effort tho. Thx for sharing


I spoke too soon :neutral_face: While going through my “Electronic” folder (doing what I intended to do) I realized that a lot of songs would fit much better in a new “Junglish” genre-type-folder, and relocated them to this new subfolder…

Whatever you could imagine happened in Engine … happened :expressionless:

So from now on, I’m just going to delete all playlists and start over every time I’m adding tracks. Sure, it takes a really, really, reeally long time, but at least I’m not sitting screaming at my computer anymore :joy:

Don’t get me wrong, I love the hardware, but this is ridiculous…

Ouch!!! I’ve actually resorted to the good ole delete and re-analyze the whole library a few times. It does take forever but it is les frustrating then trying to get the software to do something it it’s designed to do well. And yes the hardware is nice.

I’m going to try a test run on so d small folders of the sync feature on rekordbox. And if it is better I will simply use rekordbox to organize files, thrn export the link brary each time to prime … if I’m playing on pioneer I will already be ready too. I don’t know will see



Of course, if you relocate them from outside of Engine DJ after they’ve been added to the database, then you will end up with red files, as Engine DJ won’t know where they are.

This is true of any system that uses a database (Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox, VDJ…) it’s not unique to Engine DJ.

Decide where you want your files BEFORE you add them to the database.

Rather than complicate things by having genre folders, album folders, BPM folders or whatever, where files are going to be scattered randomly around your drive - pick a simple system that uses fewer folders.

I use year folders, so everything I download this year goes into the 2022 folder. Last year’s downloads are in the 2021 folder (etc). I add new tracks to Engine DJ after they’re placed in the folder, and then they don’t move.

Engine DJ does all the sorting. Tag your files correctly and the software can find them, regardless of which folder they’re in.

Strange, I’ve never had an issue with the database - with Engine DJ or with my DJ software.

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I’m sure playlists based on years are good if you play Summerhits 2018, but that’s not what we’re talking about. If you got, let’s say electronic music from the early 90s you might not want one huge playlist called “1993”, since there’s acid, trance, electro, gabber, house and so on. Now if you want to update the Acid playlist with some new, handpicked tracks you are going to have issues with the database since you can’t just drop your updated master folder from your computer to the playlist without now having duplicates, no questions asked.

In my experience you get duplicates if you do that. Which is also lame. I dont see why we can’t get either a sync option from specified folders on computer hard drive that updates changes. OR a drag and drop option that recognizes duplicates. We have all seem this in so many other programs. “Do you want to skip or replace duplicates” Honestly I don’t see why both don’t exist and people can have options. For some reason it’s all stuck on one option. Really lame considering how awesome the hardware is.

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How to organize music in Denon: take a time machine back to the prehistoric ages.

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Who said anything about playlists?

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There are ways* to achieve most things with regards to collection management, but these frequent discussions just show the total failure of Denon to implement a proper sync manager. :man_facepalming:t2:

*Complicated and undocumented ways!

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