Is there any reason why Sweep EFX were omitted from the Prime 2?

The Prime Go comes with 2 sweep efx, so why not the Prime 2? What’s the philosophy behind this? I am honestly curious. Sound off with your theories.

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It’s fairly normal In most markets. It’s product separation.

If there were two milkshakes you could buy in a shop and one was made with 3 blends of fresh milk, four scoops Of ice cream, festooned with lushious syrup, real fruit pieces and rainbow coloured whipped cream on top, the other was just flavoured powder spoon stirred into a glass of supermarket milk, you’d expect one to cost most than the other right?

Similarly, if there was a €5 milkshake and a €10 milkshake, but the guy at the counter said they were both the same size and ingredients, you’d wonder why there were two offered, and wouldn’t know which one was best.

Having several clear differences is a way of helping customers decide which model is the right one for them.

If your buying path hits a point where you’re saying “I can afford either one, but I don’t know which one to choose” there’s a wobbly moment where you might look at other market choices and go elsewhere. Making large, easy to spot differences is a way of smoothing out the buying process.

I think what’s being questioned is not that there are differences, but the placement of them by Denon.

The 4 is the top product, in price and in features set. The 2 is the middle product, and the Go is the bottom.

The logical assignment would have been four Sweep FX on the 4, then two on the 2, and leave them off the smallest, cheapest product.

Instead, they’ve been removed from the middle product, but included on the smallest, cheapest one.

C’est très bizarre, n’est-ce pas?


Right, you broke it down better than I. What’s your take? I don’t see the justification.

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I would love to know why this is as well. I’ll probably get the Prime 2 anyway but still.


Anyone know if there are coming more sweep fx to the prime 2? Would be nice.

I’m wondering as well, this is a non sense move from Denon, I still hope that they will implement the Sweep fx in the near future for the Prime 2…