Is there any consideration to have Engine OS to work in conjunction with Mixed In Key software?

I’m new to the Engine OS software platform and am waiting for my new Numark Mixstream to arrive. In the meantime I’ve down loaded Engine OS (PC) and am trying to set up my music on a drive so that I’m ready to go when the Mixstream gets here. I also have the Mixed-In-Key software and haven’t seen any way to get the information that Mixed-In-Key generates (key, energy, cue points) into Engine OS other than trying to load my music into Rekordbox, modify the information in Rekordbox, and then import the Rekordbox library into Engine OS. It would seem to me that if Engine OS wants to be a player in the big boys league that it would work with software that is being used by the ‘big boys’.

Thanks for the consideration! Or if there is a way to use Mixed-In-Key with Engine OS, please let me know how to so that one can save their key, energy and cue points into Engine OS directly.

The computer librarian software is called Engine DJ. Engine OS is the firmware that runs on the Prime equipment.

MIK can be set to write its data to various places in your files. Many of those places can be read by Engine OS. Therefore if MIK writes the data to a suitable tag then Engine OS will see it.

To load the cue points and BPM into Engine OS you need to use Serato DJ. So first put your music collection on a disk, then load it in MIK, then from MIK to Serato DJ and then load from Serato DJ as a crate in Engine OS and place there in the destination (HDD, or USB stick) with which you can use your Numark in takes use. At least that’s how I do it with my Denon Prime 4. Won’t this be much different?

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@DJ_Manis that is the workround

@epcot1988 . ts not engine integrating with MIK it’s MIK need to integrate with engine

Yes, that is true and I would also like to see it differently and I contacted Mixed In Key about this much earlier, but apparently to this day no solution has been found between the parties. I would appreciate it if that cooperation would come about, but now that we are more than 2 years further and there is still no prospect of integration of these software packages, I no longer believe in it. And unfortunately we will have to deal with this interim solution.