Is there a way to roll back to version 1?

There are too many issues with 2.0 to list.

The Prime 4 with 2.0 software is unusable

Search the forum a bit and you’ll see it’s fairy simple to do.

Dowload previous firmware, 1.6 for example and flash it. That’s it ! Simple

Thank you, hopefully the bugs in V2 can be worked out soon enough

Does this also work for the windows software? What about my database? They’ve both been updated to v2 databases

Didn’t you make a back up before updating ? 2.1 database isn’t compatible with previous version. For the pc software, you can’t roll back. You have to uninstall v2 and reinstall 1.6 or the one you want. If you made a database backup, then you can restore it

You don’t need to restore a 1.x backup. It is still sitting there as 2.x creates a new folder and new files when migration takes place.

Like stated earlier, a simple forum search:

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