Is there a song limit on the Prime GO?

Just got a Prime Go. Used Engine to add my tracks.

I have over 100K songs, about 2.5Tb in mp3 and videos.

Little slow on searching for songs ( a few secs).

Is this typical?

I’m new here, just got my Prime GO, but guessing you will have lag with that big of a library. You have it on a SD card? Also why have the videos on a device that can’t play them?

No, its on an external drive.

Yes, Ive been using MP3s since PCDJ and Atomix in 1999 so my library is huge.

My videos that I have will play since they are MP4, you just dont see them. When I use the drive for gigs with Video I just use Virtual DJ.

Ah ok, yeah some of my library dates back to the winamp days lol.

Sorry I’m not that much help, hope you get a better answer, but i could see the software having an issue searching through larger files or just the overall amount of music you have. Good luck

Oh yeah, It really whips the Llamas a…

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What storage are you using?

You could Try the Samsung T7.

In my personal experience, using a fast SD card (I have the 180mb/s Sandisk Extreme) on the Prime GO has the best response time, but my library on that was trimmed down to about 200gb. I have tried a Samsung T5 with the GO and had ever so slightly slower response times - but this is probably due to the library size being close to 1TB.

The obvious way to speed it up would be culling tracks you don’t need, to reduce the size. You must have a ton of stuff you will never play if your library size is 2.5TB. I would assume that removing (or converting) the mp4s might help too.

When I converted my library from Rekordbox to Engine DJ last year, I culled a bunch of stuff dating right back to the early 2000s that I don’t need, or that was <320kbps. If your library is as old as mine, you probably have lots of lower quality tracks, like cd/vinyl rips that will probably sound awful on a large sound system.

I saw that SSD drive and its onsale this week for 50% off. I have tried to trim down but I have so much and I do mobile stuff, I get requests for all varieties it hard to Delete something.Thanks for the suggestions

whats the size of the m.db file of the ssd?

perhaps the slow search is related to this finding.

you can try with an unanalysed library and see if it makes a difference.