Is the x1800 good mixer for vinyl?

Is this a good mixer for only vinyl records? How is the sound quality for ripping vinyl?

Yes, of course, but as a vinylmasta your cartridge brand and type dictates the sound. :sunglasses:

More here:

Phono Pre-Amps too quiet

So I’ll be able to use all the fx on this mixer without having to hookup laptop to serato?

Yes. It’s a stand-alone mixer.

Thank you, that’s all I needed. Will be ordering soon.

And to record your mixes, you use one of the two usb connections that you hookup to a computer. Recording channels9+10 gives you the sum of all faders, so all stays in the digital domain (i.e. only an analog path from turntable to mixer).

Thanks for the tip, appreciate it.

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Oh and don’t forget to check Mojaxx’s take on the mixer 2 years ago:

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I have one last question before I purchase this mixer. How is the phono input quality compared to Pioneer equivalent mixer? I do plan to use serato but my main focus is the quality of the phono input as I will be mixing and ripping vinyl about 90% of the time and want to get the best sound out of this mixer for my vinyl.

I cannot really comment on a Pioneer mixer, because I’ve never wanted/needed to own one. I used analog mixers before the digital X1800. From Dutch brands “Dateq” and “D&R”. As for turntables, I have the SL1210 mk2 with a Grado DJ100 and revised inner cabling from tone-arm to outside.

Again the best sound has 80% to do with brand plus type turntable and cartridge used. You haven’t said anything about that so it’s all guess work.

Have you checked the Mojaxx review and the other topic?

There are a few of the effect that doesnt work on phono signal… Cant Remember which, but search the forum… I have postet it before :slightly_smiling_face:

For mixing I am using the newly released Audio Technica LP140XP with Shure M44-7. For ripping, I use my minty Technics 1200 MK2 with an Ortofon 2M Blue.

I think you’re better of with the X1800 than the MCX8000 you’re also inquiring about, but I could be wrong.

The X1800 is the fastest way to your computer or otherwise invest in: e.g. high quality RIAA pre-amp and an RME Fireface UCX.

Please enlighten us! :sunglasses:

I guess I was hoping to have the best of both worlds. A controler with a superb mixer and when too lazy to break out with vinyl, just play with the controler. Right now it still looking like the x1800.

Thanks again for your time

Its packed in the garage atm. Will check soon.

I asked because I cannot recall something would miss. Not at home right now so cannot check also.

Its the bitcrush that I didnt get to work… The others do work.