Is the SC5000M getting Serato DJ Native Support?

Is the SC5000M getting Serato DJ Native Support? If so, will it work with the Rane 72. I heard the SC5000 doesn’t work with the 72 because of the screens.

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Good question

Hi everyone!

The SC5000M will have the same Serato accessory status as the SC5000.

There are a handful of users that have had trouble using the SC5000 in combination with the Rane Seventy-Two, though it’s unclear if this has anything to do with the screens per se, or just a matter of system performance, USB bandwidth, etc. While most of our experience using the Seventy-Two and SC5000 combination in the office has been successful, these cases are being investigated further.

For the time being, the best partner for a pair of SC5000s is the X1800.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I happen to fall into that “handful of users” category and had to return the 72. At my last count I know of 3 other people with similar issues (Facebook).

Hopeful you get to the root of the problem.

I’d say a good cohort of potential DJ who will be interested in a motorised platter media player will be Scratch djs and by extension Serato users. The top two battle mixers happens to be the 72 and S9.

Tried on both Windows and MacOS. Same result.

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I am also one of those handfuls of users. Luckily, I don’t use the 72 anymore.

System Specs that we tested it on: Asus Deluxe ii Intel I7 6950X 64GB of Ram Samsung Evo 960 ssd M.2 Music stored on Intel 512 SSD EVGA 1080TI Black Edition dual SLI

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Tested on

  1. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Mid 2017, 2.9ghz i7, 16GB RAM, 500SSD, 4Gb GPU, Serato DJ Pro 2.0.4

  2. Dell XPS 13 with i7 CPU, Windows 10 , 8gb RAM, Serato DJ Pro 2.0.4

No bueno on both.

The latest Sc5000 1.2.2 used in combo with 72 (firmware 1.2) still has the issue. I emailed my local dealer to test it with their store 72 after the latest firmware for the 5000s.

Other mixers I have tested with the SC5000 and Serato DJ Pro with no issues- 62 and S9

Other media players I tested with the 72 that had no issues - CDJ 2000NXS and 2000NXS2

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It is brain versus brain perhaps.

Serato still needing a laptop to give it brains but course the SC5000 has big brains inside itself already. Perhaps there conflict

But may be with prime being superior to think on itself so Denon make to build it so it is not taking to last decades computer DJ programmes.

Why build the TV that still have 1990 year SCART sockets still ?

With they Engine Prime giving of import of data from Serato, traktor, rekordbox that’s is all the major computer dj software liked for a one way journey (?) of computer dj data … but it only one way. Perhaps that is the “one way “ that Denon want everyones to go. = Prime and no laptops . Perhaps

Denon will not make that false assumption hence why they still release controllers steadily and they also supported Serato DJ with the Prime players.

Serato DJ was rebuilt from ground up in 2013 so It’s not last decades program.

Rekordbox DJ is also less than 5/6 years old.

People use different tools for different purposes. You may be happy with the 5000s and a mixer. I can’t do a gig without my laptop. I’m an open format DJ, which means I don’t play an hour with everything sounding the same. No disrespect to single genre DJs.

Now let me tell you what “last decades software” can do…brace yourself

Can Denon Prime play videos?

Can Denon Prime beatgrid properly?

Can Denon Prime do flips?

Does Denon Prime have samplers?

Can Denon Prime do pitch play?

Can Denon Prime do Karaoke?

Can Denon Prime do sequencing?

Can Denon Prime record a mix?

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Half of those thing that no one want or use

Does a sc5000 need it owners to not download lastest OS updaters like on Serato warning

Ha ha. You got jokes or just trolling.

Bye sir/ma.

Big troll. For sure.

Despite his / her language differences, they do have a point that Serato has told its users recently that they definately shouldn’t upgrade their operating system yet. Unless that post wasn’t really from Serato themselves ? I don’t know, I didn’t follow it all that closely.

That’s true. It’s the usual do not update advice till we conclude testing. It’s not new and its not only Serato that gives this warning.

It’s the less than subtle digs at anything else but “stock prime and engine prime” that is funny to me.

Nothing wrong with being content with stock Engine Prime and the decks. It’s absolutely fine.

If I was 100% satisfied with the SC5000 and Engine Prime then I have no reason to be on the forum. But if I do stay on the forum it will be to make positive contributions or just to stay in the loop.

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I know what you mean by this, although it would seem a shame to then have a forum which was then filled only with people with problems. That’s what some of the old 8000x Facebook groups turned into, until last month.

It would be nice for a forum to be a mixture of people who were in the middle of “happy with current” and “never enough”

Extremes of either end of that ideal can become tiring very quickly.

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That’s true. It has to be balanced. I own up to being very dramatic & OTT when I have issues as well.

But one can express joyful satisfaction with “how things are” without being a fecal matter stirrer :rofl: irrespective of 1st language.

Anyways back to the original topic, I’ve got news for prospective 72 buyers or current owners who are having challenges in getting it to work with the 5000s

A Serato Support head honcho sent me a private video proof yesterday of a working combo of the 5000s and 72. It was a very brief video.

They told me if I plan to repurchase the 72 that they will set up a screenshare conference to work it out.

I’m of two minds now…the 2 units of the Rane 72 I returned is still at the shop I got it from but I’m considering getting the X1800 instead (found some crazy deals online) as i have a capable 2 channel battle mixer in the S9.

@Chino what’s good bro. Great to still see you here. I bet the SC5000M is on your radar. I will let you have the honours of buying it first and providing feedback.

Found a Facebook video of the SC5000M online being used with Serato DJ at the Redbull competition

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Sorry to dissapoint you, they are playing timecode from USB stick and not connected to SDJ via USB cable. You can see the waveform is uniform and just basically noise.

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Beat me to it.

Oh snap. I didn’t spot that. I was just in awe of his connect.

I was just thinking lucky guy, he is probably using a private beta Serato and exclusive firmware on his players.

I have a pretty strong hunch that SC5000M will not get SDJ support.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s worth saying some points accross. First of all, Denon is trying really hard to present the Prime players as standalone units that offer full features of DJ software (unlike the Pioneer ones). By supporting too much the software integration they would work against that. They even went so far to disable the midi output of units just to make sure that, even if you do use them as controllers, it’s only possible with the partnered software (SDJ). Why SeratoDJ? Because they needed a “foot in the door” to a larger number of users. Because that “foot” probably costs a lot per deck, they now don’t have the incentive to get the same deal for SC5000M. Minimal adjustments are needed for SDJ to recognize the SC5000M units and work the same as with SC5000’s and yet Serato released a new version of SDJ without that support. That tells me no deal has or will be made.