Is the MCX8000 worth it? 2019

Hello everyone. First of all sorry if this was already discussed but i couldn’t find any thread about it. My main question is: Is it worth getting one in 2019? I saw that it has quite a few software problems. I would appreciate you honest opinion with pros and cons. Thanks

It’s a great machine - but if it’s price isn’t at the top of your possible budget, take a look at the Prime 4… it’s a world beater !

Do you want to use it primarily for software control or standalone?

Great device, I have one, firmware 2.1 (current) is already much better than the one I had when it came out but I think you can still get more potential, engine prime is the software that should improve a lot although I guess that with the launch of prime 4 let’s see some improvements, my recommendation, if you have the budget go to the prime 4, if you fit the MCX 8000 is a great machine and with the supposed updates to come should give a good time, eye always test them first in the place if you can (the advice is for anyone who buy either these or another) because the recommendations are always relative to the person who makes it and the best person to make that decision is you, forgive my English

greetings and luck

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Hi! I have been using my 8000 for about a year and a half and love it. IMO it really shines as a Serato controller and the latest firmware version has all but eliminated former bugs. For me negatives would be that it’s large! I’m mobile so if I’m headed to a venue that I think may not give me lots of table space I will take one of my smaller rigs. Also on the negative side, if using it in standalone mode with a large library, searching for a track can be challenging as search functions are limited to scrolling alphabetically with a small knob, no keyboard support, fingers crossed this may improve in future firmware updates but not a deal breaker for me personally. Careful use of crates and playlists helps a lot here. Engine Prime management software is less than stellar but gets the job done for me, there is lots of talk of improvements coming so I’m sure it will be much improved soon. If you were planning on using it for standalone operation plan to spend for high end fast drives to plug into it, the 8000 will let you down if you try to use it with garbage media. So for me the answer is yes, by all means totally worth it to buy one. I love mine and very much enjoy using it, but that won’t stop me from also picking up a Prime 4 next year!

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Hi @urbanRocket, thanks for your post and welcome! Let me try to answer your questions.

The MCX8000 is a controller worth getting any year, if it matches your specific needs as a DJ. If you are a DJ with the need for a durable, all in one controller and additional options for music playback…MCX8000 will satisfy those needs with 2 channels dedicated strictly to Stand AloneEngine PRIME prepped flash drives and 2 more for DJs using Serato. No additional mapping needed. I personally prefer playing off of USB drives, but having the option available for easy DJ handoffs is ideal if you perform live. We offer many DJ solutions to choose from if MCX8000 isn’t the right fit for you. In regards to your software concerns, we have Technical Support available around the world to assist you, and this awesome Forum full of Denon DJ staff and users to guide you when you have questions!


@urbanRocket - Overall Denon MCX8000 offers a lot in terms of functionality allowing you to mix without any issues from various sources, applying a number of three effects while in standalone mode and pretty much any effects when in controller mode working with Serato. It would have been nice to see on the back of the console send and return connectors which would offer the possibility to apply custom effects to your music when in standalone mode. Also, it will be nice to see a future firmware update including an effects database assignable to every one of the three buttons. In terms of build quality the console is rugged and well put together but the power source could be improved to offer more power and stability. It is worth taking into consideration the fact that you will not be able to upgrade your setup as easily as a modular system.

Hello everyone, Thanks for your answers. I had a long long month working,organizing and playing so that’s i am replying so late. So this console fits my budget and requirements. What i am trying to find out is this: -Are there any major software issues ? -how’s the layout compared to Nexus 2000 ?

Not sure about the Nexus but the MCX8000 is a great controller (if you get one that works of course). Many had (or possibly still have) issues with screen freezing but it’s covered under warranty.

The standalone functionality is pretty basic but works well, and of course there is the midi option with Serato and VDJ as well.

The mic quality is excellent and the sound output is clear.

I have used my one for hundreds of gigs and had no issues.

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Do you have any idea what causes that problem with the screen freezing? Cause if i’ll get one it will be second hand and probably no warranty on it.

It’s a hardware issue. Some of them were manufaxctured with a bad board and it needs replaced. Because it’s an inherent issue Denon may fix it outside the warranty period.

I saw that its a hardware issue but i was wondering which part exactly. Did they released a statement regarding this matter? Cause for me : “may fix it outside warranty” is not acceptable

Might be better if you contact Denon support in your region to discuss.

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I will, thanks for your help mate!! Have a good day

After using it for a month+, I think no, it’s not worth it. The layout has flaws, not intuitive to how our brains work (mirroring pitch fader and play buttons, really?), my head hurts everytime I use it now understand these flaws.

The mirrored decks concept is a bit strange and it takes some practice to train your brain working with it, but it is usable.

They fixed mine.