Is Prime 4 Plus Stems a Joke?

You know what, I take that back, It was market as having stems, So its going to happen sometime

No it wasn’t. All they ever said was “Stems beta coming in summer” Nothing else!

The BS Roformer (with the enhancement from the link here) seems to be the best currently: MVSEP - Music & Voice Separation

Hmmm, I’m always wary of sites that want me to upload files to them. Great way for them to build a music collection and make money on top. :rofl:

On the subject of money, it also makes me wary when no prices are given until you sign up and they have your data.

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Absolutely. I don’t use their service as such. It’s a great way to test the different codecs and how good their separation is but use a common track from a royalty free collection.

Record box ones are also awful

Speaking about other useful codecs and also other audio formats it would be great to ask the creator of Vital synthesizer (because this one is free) about I/O and parsing the vital preset file to load directly into controller sampler without converting to mp3 or wav.

Q: Why?

Because created complex sound design within Vital contain also data of that actual sound but exporting to wav format it export only wavetable shapes from these 3 oscillators, and this not sounds actually the same. Importing vital preset file for sampler only would be cool feature and gamechanger

Well We all know that Prime 4 plus is a very powerful device. There is no doubt about this, But what we are talking about now is the Stems function, Can’t blur the focus,

In fact, the stems function is mentioned in the equipment introduction, whether it is beta or not, All to induce consumers to buy.

If it was difficult to develop, it should have waited until it matured before launching it. It should not have tempted people with such a function from the beginning.

There is no other reason for coming here, just to urge them. If you want to plays defense them, it is not a good thing.

Akai’s Stems have been launched and are good, but they are still not available on independent models. It seems that there is still some way to go before porting.

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Which part of ‘it was leaked by a retailer and forced their hand’ are you struggling with?

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In my opinion, that’s the key thing to take note of in this thread.

I don’t agree with that everybody that bought prime 4 plus was expecting stems I know I did

Read my comment again. I didn’t said everyone. My comment was directed only to one person.

meanwhile when stems are not officially released, I really recommend to use because the file stems extraction works pretty good and it allows to detect even more stems like separating from drums the kicks, snares and claps, hi-hats etc… If the track has electric guitar or piano, it can easy extract it too, otherwise you get layers of the same sound if the track don’t have that.

Actually, you should just do your research better and adjust your expectations accordingly.

I agree! One of the features that made me buy it was that they talked about stems in the definition of the product. I’m still impatiently waiting for that update.

It is taking a long time, but im sure they are working on making it as good as possible before releasing.

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Just got a prime 4 + dollar sent get it because of stems but disappointed I’ve now had to change my tidal subscription to individual and add on the DJ add on at £20 per month to use it instead of our family plan. Why the requirement for DJ add on if no stems feature?

You can get the beta version by joining up for beta testing - some new input might help things along

I know but I don’t want to go back. I’m using Bluetooth a lot

A question you really should be taking up with the streaming vendor I would say.