Is it possible to import Rekordbox Collection with USB in MCX8000?

Hello Denon community,

I really love the MCX8000 product, its exactly the product I’m looking for. Relatively cheap, good quality all in one standalone controller with the possibility to plug 2 vinyle player. I want to use it in stand alone mode. The only thing that am worry about is the firmware. Is the latest firmware allow the MCX8000 to read a rekordbox collection from a USB stick ? (as its possible with the primes series products) It would be a pity if my friends can’t play with their USB when the come party home…

Cheers ! Valentin

If the USB stick is formatted correctly then the MCX will be able to see any files on the stick, but it cannot directly import Rekordbox library data.

It can be converted (from RB 5) with Engine Prime software, but not by the hardware.

The 8000 won’t read rekordbox. It’s not a proper member of the primes.

Engine prime software could read in rekordbox data as long as you haven’t upgraded to rekordbox 6. Pioneer killed off the data export features in 6

So if your friends come over with a usb stick they created with rekordbox ver 5.x all you would need to do is have a laptop with engine prime nearby and use that to create a mcx8000 compatible database on the same usb stick

Thank you guys for your answers ! Very very helpful. Unfortunately as am very social and play very often with friends, I wanna buy a system that allow everyone to plug and play easily without having to set up the Usbs on a laptop beforehands. Maybe I ll check the Primes series ! (Thats a pity the Mcx8000 perctely fit my expectations… expect that one ! )

Cheers and thank you again ! Valentin

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