Is it possible to create sub-playlists?


I like to create mini-sets (3 to 4 tracks) and then string them together.

I know sub-folders can be created but this will not sort my tracks in correct playing order.

Cannot see how to do with playlists in Prime or Engine OS?

Any ideas?

The creation of branched playlists is not possible for now. Maybe in the future… :roll_eyes:

Look in the appropriate section if someone has already made a similar request and give it your vote.

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Cheers buddy.

Yeah shame you can do sub crates etc… but not sub playlists?! Such a valuable, but relatively easy software tweak to make. Maybe in the future :man_shrugging:

Yes maybe! :wink:

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Actually I’ve found out there is a method in Engine OS.

Completely missed it.

You create a Folder (ie; Funky House Mini-Sets) first in the Playlists section, and then add nested Playlists to that. :grinning:

You then get, of course, all the Play Order functionality, which is what I required.

Problem solved! :+1:

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