Is it me or Engine DJ file sync feature is extremely counter intuitive?

Let alone you guys are designed your software in a way when I must create symbolic links in order to import music from my network drive (why the hell you even made this limitation? more and more people prefer to store their stuff in the network drive and not the short disked laptops!)…

there’s no possibility to press some magic sync button in order to automatically add newly added tracks from my music folder to your amazing piece of software. and it frustrating even more when I have purchased a HDD specifically to store the music on the deck. was no need in that, because now I realized I have no option other than to synchronize the library every now and then manually

This is the same for all software isn’t it? Engine isn’t doing anything different to the rest of the industry.

My suggestion: Try the Lexicon app DJ Library Management - rekordcloud

Tons of music library management tools in here.

And you can also crossgrade-export to Engine or Rekordbox or Traktor or Serato or Virtual Dj library database files so your music is ready to to all platforms.

For syncing… i’d suggest the simple drag & drop onto the drive (imo you have more control this way)




That doesn’t justify that half of the unique features like wifi module and hdd section are practically misused. if the industry doesn’t do it, that doesn’t mean common sense shouldn’t work either

I simply cannot grasp why should I use any sideloaded software at all. I have my own ways of organizing and storing music. I’m strictly against insane limitations like being able to add music from the network drive. denon has implemented streaming from Dropbox feature. so I have my own Dropbox. so I don’t see any sane reason for limiting me using it instead of having another hard copy of my music on my laptop

I dont understand, what is stopping you from storing music on a network drive? You dont play the music directly from the network drive, you load it onto some media storage like the internal SSD or a USB stick, so why cant you just sync the network stored music into the Engine software then export to your media device?

As far as im aware there is no hard and fast rule that states the music you have in Engine has to be on your laptop, just that your network storage has to be connected to the laptop when you want to export to your media storage.

Well, I’m surprised you didn’t knew that, but you practically cannot add music from a network drive to Engine DJ. The only music you can add there must be physically attached to computer running it

So you’re telling me that if you attach a network drive to the computer over your local network, you can’t then add those tracks to the library? then export them?

Surely the software just sees them as being in a folder? As long as you have sharing enabled and right permissions?

Ill test it out tonight as i have NAS on my local network so will see if its accessible.

Yes sir, surprise-surprise, you can browse network locations via Engine DJ in the file browser, but you cannot add those tracks to the library. Curtains

Im sure they have their reasons for it if thats the case… i guess if you want to take DJing more seriously then you should have a dedicated computer with enough storage to store your music collection, with it backed up to the network storage for extra security.

I dont know how much music you have but i have around 6000 tracks (lots of uncompressed files too) and they only take up about 250gb, surely its not that difficult to find a suitable hard drive to store your music on it?

I don’t think there’s another reason other than pushing me to purchase a Dropbox subscription to achieve what I want.

Well, I’ll find a way to fool this software so it thinks my NAS is actually a local folder. I just don’t see why the hell I must do this mumbo-jumbo.

Just store your music locally, DJs have been working with DVS/FIle management software for nearly 20 years and managed ok. Computer storage has never been so cheap so there is little reason why somebody cant realistically have 1TB drives on their laptop etc.

Are you a working DJ?

Considering they supply a high speed USB cable for exporting into your prime device, my guess is they have concerns about performance when storing music on a network and not directly in the device, also things like file paths etc need to be robust, plus the ability to edit metadata.

Lots of reasons why music needs to be stored locally as opposed to over a network.

I am not a working DJ. But I am quite sure that many working DJs who also well developed technically would prefer to have the possibility to store their stuff wherever they please.

I don’t give a dime if a handful of new tracks I find for the passed week would be copied by air for 0.02 seconds instead of 0.01 via that ultra fast USB-cable.

Also as I see it having the possibility to sync my library by tapping the button in the UI of a totally capable piece of hardware would be way more easier and convenient than plugging it via the wire, opening application and pressing that button in there. But that’s another topic… Why the hell I cannot add the network files in the app?

I haven’t seen any sane one yet, but okay, I didn’t asked either

Im not sure, if its bothering you so much, raise a feature request in the feature request section of the forum. If the request is popular enough it will be voted up and added to the list of improvements.

Perhaps you should look to take advice from those of us who are, instead of going off on a tangent on an internet forum, especially as your first ever post here.

Of course that bothers me that much that I must express it here so responsible people would see it.

I bought an amazing piece of hardware which stuffed with technologies which are way too misused in my opinion.

There’s a feature request that I voted for it for the NAS support which should cover this, but that’s just probly too long to wait. As I understood it from the other topics they tend to develop and release new features in a bigger bunches.

And it’s a pity. What would, well, somewhat satisfy me is just one simple thing - let me adding the network files in the library. I don’t even ask to analyze the network location on the hardware. You want me to use the software for that - okay, I’ll bear with it.

And again, I will find a way to embed the network drive on my local one, I just don’t see why I must do it in order to achieve seemingly simple goal.

And this topic is in place to maybe hear the response of the Denon on this matter.

Maybe try to specify your concerns into a request? That way it’ll come to the right persons, also people can vote to it… If it’ll get through… who knows… but it’s worth to try imo

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Raise it as a feature request, that’s how the forum works for things like that.