Is it currently impossible to have Drum & Bass tracks from Beatport with correct BPM?

I cannot see how it’s possible to get the correct BPM for streaming services on the Prime Go?

There’s no double time button like in the Desktop app so basically beat grids are all off.

Is Drum and Bass with streaming services basically a no-go on the Go?

If that’s the case that ■■■■■ massively!

Click and hold the Vinyl button on the deck with the track you want to edit — you should see some edit controls show up on the screen, including “/2” and “x2”, which can half and double the BPM, respectively. (Note: I don’t have the prime go, but I’ve seen it done. Also some folks are experiencing problems editing grids since the 2.0 update, so you may run afoul of that issue)

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Yeah, press the grid edit button (vinyl) and it appears on screen. This is the same in all versions.

I’ve not spotted any V2 grid edit buttons. I’ve spotted on the forum the grid not render fully for some users (half height) but the actual editing seems okay.


Thanks folks.

Am I right in saying Elastic Grids are not actually available on the unit yet?

The only grid adjustment on the hardware is sliding the whole thing back/forward.

No fine BPM adjustment (grid compress/expand) and certainly no variable grid.

Hopefully Denon will be adding this ability at some point, as it’s a long standing request.

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So yeah. Drum & Bass from a streaming service is practically unusable on the hardware!

Sort this out Denon. We’re not all 4 to the floor DJs!

Are you saying they’ve removed the /2 and 2x feature in grid edit mode?

No, I mean fine BPM adjustment is not possible i.e. a Tidal track shows as 105 and it’s actually 107.

I’ll edit my post :slight_smile:

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